The Case of the Mysterious Banana

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Detective Jackson and his assistant in training Abigail were working on a case. The chief of police, Chief Martinez, was already at the crime scene, at the town bakery.

"What is it this time, Jose?" Jackson asked. "Well, there was this graffiti artist. Everyone calls him "The Banana Man". We almost got him this time, but he escaped."(Martinez pointed to a large, spray painted banana.) "Our sources tell us that he secretly writes the address of his NEXT crime scene, but we haven't figured it out yet. Here are his messages." He pointed to a single paper, which Jackson picked up.

1st scene- Address 5861- "51 bananas on the tree. 1 fell off."

2nd scene-Address 4950- "Mike the monkey has 23 bananas."

3rd scene-Address 2277-"A bunch of bananas has 11."

4th scene-(Bakery) Address 1089- "I put 3 and a third bananas in banana bread."

"Where is he next?" asked Martinez. "We need to be ready!" "Tell your men to be at this address tomorrow.", Jackson said, giving him a piece of paper. "The 'Banana Man' will be there."

What address is next?


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