The Conversation

Algebra Level 3

One day, Jack and Jill was bored. Jill then asked Jack a question: "Hey Jack, see if you can figure the answer, I've got two real POSITIVE values and their properties are:

     1. Their sum is equal to their product.

     2. Their sum is equal to their squares' difference.

Can you help Jack find the answer? From the information given, take the floor function of each value and add the results together.

Clarification: Floor Function : x\left \lfloor{x}\right \rfloor = the largest integer that is smaller or equal to xx. For example, 3.25=3\left \lfloor{3.25}\right \rfloor = 3 and 2.99999999=2\left \lfloor{2.99999999}\right \rfloor = 2


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