The Drowning City

Logic Level 5

The city of skyscrapers consists of buildings of heights ranging from one to nine arranged in a 6×66 \times 6 grid. The number of people living in each building is equal to its height. Rows 1, 2, 3 are similar to row 4, 5, 6 respectively and column A is similar to column D, column B and C are reverse of column E and F respectively. Around any building there is no building of the same height. Also there is no building with a height difference of 1 to the right,left,up and down of a building.

In the rainy season of the year 2013, the city is flooded and a rescue team headed by Uttej roams (outside the grid) with a boat and a flashlight, on top of column F, moving anticlockwise, and ending at right of the first row. They light the flash along the row or column corresponding to their position.. All the people of a building are rescued if that building can be seen,that is, if there is no building of greater or equal height between it and the flash. The numbers written at the top of some rows or beside some columns represents the number of people rescued when flash is lighted from that position.

Question 1:

How many people will enter the ship when the flash is lighted from the bottom of B?

(1) 4(1)\ 4

(2) 11(2)\ 11

(3) 12(3)\ 12

(4) 20(4)\ 20

Question 2:

How many people died in the flood?

(1) 18(1)\ 18

(2) 26(2)\ 26

(3) 25(3)\ 25

(4) 24(4)\ 24

Question 3:

How many more people would have been saved if the flash were lighted along the diagonals as well ?

(1) 9(1)\ 9

(2) 10(2)\ 10

(3) 11(3)\ 11

(4) 12(4)\ 12

Input your answer s A1A2A3 \overline{A_1 A_2 A_3}

Details and Assumptions

  • As an explicit example, if your answer is like option 1 for question 1, option 2 for question 2 and option 3 for question 3 then answer as 123123
This is a question from Technothlon Techniche-2013 of IIT Guwahati. It was the only question which I completely understood in that paper back in 9th standard.

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