The Emperor's Second Celebration

Logic Level 3

You are the ruler of a great empire and you have decided to throw another celebration tomorrow. However, apparently you were forgetful of the near disaster that happened in the last celebration, and decide to hatch your own plan with poison. For during this celebration, one of your most hated rivals will come, thinking that you have finally given up your fight and you held this celebration in part to surrender to your rival's superiority. You decide to pour some drops of that same deadly poison (that have no symptoms except death 10 to 20 hours later) into his glass; however, you do not want to look guilty, so to push the blame away you will insert some poison in your own drink that will make you sick after 10 to 20 hours with some worrisome but definitely non-lethal symptoms.

You have already inserted the deadly poison in one glass and your non-lethal poison in another glass out of the 1000 glasses, but because of your forgetfulness you forgot which glasses had the poisons! Certainly, you don't want another one of your beloved guests to drink a poisoned glass, or even worse, giving yourself the lethally poisoned glass.

Fortunately, you still have your supply of death-row prisoners who you are sure won't mind lending a helping hand by taste-testing the glasses. What is the least amount of prisoners needed to guarantee successful location of the lethally and non-lethally poisoned glasses?

Note: if the lethal poison acts before the non-lethal poison, the prisoner will die without any symptoms.


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