The Five House Puzzle

Logic Level 3

Who drinks the chocolate? and who owns the cat?. Answer these question using the following facts:

a. There are five houses, each of a different color and inhabited by each person with different pets, drinks and books.

b. Ronald lives in the gold house.

c. Brian owns he rabbit.

d. Milk is drunk in the yellow house.

e. Kenneth drinks coffee.

f. The yellow house is immediately to the right (your right) of the blue house.

g. The Sudoku reader owns dog.

h. Novels are read in the green house.

i, Tea is drunk in the middle house.

j. Regine lives in the first house on the left.

k. The person who reads math lives in the house next to the person with the bird.

l. Novels are read in the house next to the house where the horse is kept.

m. The Science reader drinks water.

n. EJ read comics.

o. Regine lives next to the red house.

Details and Assumptions

Don't refer to the natural facts and the physical appearance and likes on the given person.


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