The Five Slaves

Logic Level 1

A Caliph proposed a problem to Beremiz Samir.

The problem is:

He bought five women slaves, and two of these slaves have black eyes and the other three have blue eyes.

The blue eyes women always lies, and the black eyes women always tell the truth.

In a few moments the five of them will be brought here, all of their faces covered by a heavy veil, which will make it impossible for Beremiz see their faces.

Beremiz can only ask three questions for any slave (not three questions for each, but only three question in total). The objective is to know the color of eyes of each one.

The slaves was standing in line, and Beremiz asked to the first one:

"What color is your eyes?"

And she replied in chinese, and he don't understood.

Then, he ask for the second slave:

"What was the reply that the first woman just gave?"

The second replied:

"She said, 'My eyes are blue'."

Finally Beremiz ask to the tird slave:

"What color are the eyes of those two girls I have just questioned?"

And the third replied:

"The first girl has black eyes and the second blue eyes".

After it Beremiz gave the correct answer for the Caliph.

The question is:

What is the color of eyes of the last two slaves that was not interviewed?

Problem from the book: "The Man Who Counted (O Homem Que Calculava) - Malba Tahan"

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