The Kingdom of Chemithia- Part 2

Chemistry Level 3

You finish the test just in time and turn in your paper to the royal guard. You feel you've done well, but you cannot predict whether you will be selected or not. The results will be announced in the town square in another 4 days. You leave the exam building and begin walking home. On the way, you decide to stop at the factory of your friend Anilina Al-Dehide. Though she is not a royal chemist, she is deeply respected for her organic chemical productions, which are used in a wide range of experiments across the kingdom. You enter Anilina's lab and you immediately see a black-haired woman with a soiled lab coat and glasses shaking a test tube.

"Anilina?" you ask. She turns around surprised, and she almost drops the test tube containing a yellowish solution. "Oh, Aurous!" she exclaims, "How was the test? Will you be a Royal Chemist?" You tell her that it was good but you cannot tell whether you will be selected or not.

She shows you the solution in the test tube. "Can you guess what this is? It's an organic compound."

She tells you the following steps were used to make it:

First I started with Methane (\(CH_4\)), and added \(Cl_2\) to it once in the presence of sunlight. Compound A was formed.

I reacted Compound A with Benzene to get Compound B.

I added hot acidic (\(KMnO_4\)) to Compound B and as a result got Compound C.

Upon passing Thionyl Chloride through Compound C, I got Compound D.

Finally, I performed a Rosenmund Reduction reaction upon Compound D to receive the compound I am holding now. I'm planning to give it to the garment factory for dye production.

Input the identity of Anilina's compound as its molecular weight, rounded to the nearest integer. Eg. If you got the answer as Methane (\(CH_4\)), input 16 as the answer.

[Useful information: Thionyl Chloride is \(SOCl_2\)]

This question is part of my set Tales of Chemithia! Give it a try; it's a story woven together by Chemistry problems!


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