The Kingdom of Chemithia- Part 5

Chemistry Level 4

You enter the lab for the Royal Chemists and are immediately stunned by how incredible it is. Every chemical imaginable is on the shelves and the apparatus is gleaming. You excitedly look around and go to the table to look closer. This is going to be a fun job.

As you keep testing chemicals and solving issues in the kingdom, one day, a royal messenger comes to your lab, saying that King Antimony requests your presence. You follow him to the lavish court, where King Antimony sits on his electrum throne.

"Greetings, Aurous. I have a problem that I would like you to solve." he says, "For some experiments, we need to be able to convert White Phosphorus into its vapours. The reaction takes place as: "

\(P_4 (g) ⇌ 2P_2 (g)\)

"So we are currently converting the White Phosphorus in a furnace at \(1000K\) . Our mixture that is formed has a total pressure of \(16 atmospheres\) and a density of \(18.6 grams/litre\). What we want to find out is the value of \(K_p\) for this reaction, to know the ratio of pressures of the vapours and the phosphorus itself. Knowing this will help us to determine whether it is a viable method for the future or not."

What is the value of \(K_p\) for the above reaction?

[Useful info: take \(R\)=\(0.08 atm-litre/K-mole\)] [Assume all conditions are ideal]

This question is part of my set Tales of Chemithia! Give it a try; it's a story woven together by Chemistry problems!


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