The Kingdom of Chemithia- Part 9

Chemistry Level 4

As soon as you figure out that the building is going to explode, you decide to somehow find another way out. You run back down the hallway you came down and notice that there is another path that forks off to the right. As the temperature keeps increasing, the gas gets closer and closer to burning and you all will die. Without any other option, you begin running down the other path. It's very dark in this side of the building, but in the distance you see a light. King Antimony is running with you, and the guards are closely following.

As you approach the light, you see that it's a weak bulb that has the only purpose of lighting up a carving on the wall and a machine with a keyboard.

"Should you wish to use the secret exit, you must solve this question first. Enter the answer on the keyboard and hit enter." It is carved onto the wall. You shrug and get to work.

Let us suppose we have a planet floating in space, far away from us. Let us call this planet \(Alderaan\) (in tribute to the destroyed planet from Star Wars). \(Alderaan\) is similar to Earth in most respects; the main difference is that instead of the 2 spins electrons can have on Earth, the electrons on \(Alderaan\) can possess 3 different sorts of spin: clockwise, anticlockwise, and a neutral spin state in between both where the electron is fluctuating in a harmonic manner between the two.

On \(Alderaan\), there are 118 elements in the Periodic Table, and all have the same name as on Earth. Which element would be the first transition metal on Alderaan?

This question is part of my set Tales of Chemithia! Give it a try; it's a story woven together by Chemistry problems!


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