The Labyrinth Guardians

Logic Level 2

You are walking in a labyrinth and all of a sudden you find yourself in front of three possible roads: the road on your left is paved with gold, the one in front of you is paved with marble, while the one on your right is made of small stones. Each street is protected by a guardian. You talk to the guardians and this is what they tell you:

 The guardian of the gold street: “This road will bring you straight to the center. Moreover, if the stones take you to the center, then also the marble takes you to the center.”

 The guardian of the marble street: “Neither the gold nor the stones will take you to the center.”

 The guardian of the stone street: “Follow the gold and you’ll reach the center, follow the marble and you will be lost.”

Given that you know that all the guardians are liars, can you choose a road being sure that it will lead you to the center of the labyrinth? If this is the case, which road you choose?


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