The Mysterious Code

Logic Level 4

You wake up in a locked cell, a bit shaken up but with all faculties intact. When you get to the cell-door you see a Number Pad with an attached note that has the following instructions...

"I am Professor Mad Math. I have imprisoned you! The only way to escape is to punch in the correct Code into the Number Pad. The 1010 digit Code is made up of digits 090-9 inclusive, each digit used exactly once. These are the clues to crack my Code---

  1. The sum of the middle two digits is a Square Number.

  2. The sum of the middle four digits is a Cube number

  3. The net difference between the first and tenth digit is 22

  4. The net difference between the second and ninth digit is 33

  5. The net difference between the third and eighth digit is 44

  6. The sum of the first five digits is a Prime number

  7. The sum of the last five digits is a Triangular number

  8. The sum of the digits in odd positions (first, third, fifth, seventh and ninth digits) is an Odd number

  9. The digit 44 is somewhere in the first five positions

I believe I have given you more than adequate information. Can you crack the Code?"


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