The Physicist

Lorenz W\Large \color{#69047E}{Lorenz \ W} lived in the awesome town of Physicia. He was known as the Physicist, the legendary hero of Physicia. He was strong, humble and smart. He had invented the Atomizer Port, a teleportation device that teleported just about anything to anywhere, with just two Atomizer Ports and a stable connection.

Due to an unstable connection, caused by the evil Dr.Random, who never made a calculated and analysed move in his life, a speeding train was heading towards civilians.

It was up to the Physician to stop the runaway train, of mass 1000kg1000kg and velocity 10ms10 \dfrac{m}{s}. He had about 5 seconds5 \ seconds before the civilians got crushed by the massive train. He knows that he can exert a force of 52000 Newtons52000 \ Newtons.

He has a Forcinator, that can multiply his force by 2 times2 \ times, but it might blow up and destroy the city. Does he need to risk it?

If answer is no - Give your answer as 1999+- 1999 + value of the Mr.Physicians force

If answer is yes - Give your answer as 2+2 + value of the train's momentum

(Note - Ignore external forces like friction as this is a theoretical question)


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