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Kaito went to a housing complex, circling around nowhere. Since the weather is very hot, Kaito went to someone's house. It was his classmates' house, Miku, Rin and Len.

Kaito: Hey, guys! Long time no see, since I've been recruited to a big industrial music.

Rin, Len, Miku: Yes! And How are you?

Kaito: I'm fine. What about the concert before, Miku-chan?

Miku: It was very crowded and absolutely spectaculer!

It was a very good talk, till Kaito asked something weird.

Kaito: How much for an ice cream?

Rin, Len, and Miku were thunderstruck with his question.

Kaito: Why? Anything wrong?

Rin: e..e.. You are adults, right?

Len: And also have a good IQ, right?

Kaito: What's wrong with you guys?

Rin, Len, Miku: ~~Silence~~ HAHAHA! (Laugh out loud)

Miku: You want to know the price?

Kaito: Yes ~curious expression~

Miku, Rin, and Len made a joke for him. Instead of writing the ice cream price, they made a very sarcastic one and they gave a clue.

The clue is:

  1. All sized ice cream is identical flavor of ice cream

  2. The product of them is 162

  3. Sum of them no more than $30 and no $1 ice cream

  4. No PROMOTION. Underline it!

What's the price of each ice cream (small, medium, large respectively)?

Details and Assumption: Answer it by concatenate the solution respectively, e.g if you answer 4, 6, 2 respectively, then the answer is 462 and 10, 12, 5 respectively, answer 10125.


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