The Relocation Property

Number Theory Level 1

In English, we read from left to right. We usually do mathematics in the same direction... but sometimes the calculations involved make this difficult. The Relocation Property helps us to rearrange such calculations so that they are easier to do from left to right.

The Relocation Property is an important arithmetic property that students will use when they learn algebra. It is introduced now, (grade 5), long before students begin algebra, so that when they learn algebra, relocation will be second nature to them.

Since the aim of problems like these are to improve numeracy skills, calculators must not be used.

Here is an easy one...


When writing your solution try to be as thorough and true to the thinking of yourself as a grade five student, who is trying their utmost to get out of developing their mathematical selves from the problem.

Keeping in mind... Every Problem Tells a Story.

So show each derivation keeping in mind elegance, completeness, and compactness.


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