The safe

Logic Level pending

A safe can be opened by inserting strings of an arbitrary length made from the digits from 1 to 9 which don't need to be included just once.

It is known that apart from the combinations which are correct and open the safe there are 2 other types of combinations , some which when entered will have no affect on the safe which are called neuter combinations and some which when inserted will destroy the safe which will be named bad combinations.

It is known that some strings are related to other strings of other by a relation which will be named R by some rules which are about to be presented.

For clarity define the following , for 2 strings of arbitrary length x and y

a) xy is the combination made from x followed by y

b) i(x) is the inverse of the combination x (if x is 21 for example then i(X)=12) anyway

The relation R has the following characteristics :

A) For any combination x , 2x2 is related to x.

B) If x R y then 1x R 2y

C) If x R y then 5x R i(y)

D) If x R y then 9x R yy

E) If x R Y and x is a neuter combination then y is a bad combination

F) If x R y and x is a bad combination then y is a neuter combination.

If the smallest number of characters a correct string has is A insert A+1 anyway.

For rigor consider that a combination can be either bad , correct or neuter.

For a note and also for a hint consider that from a corect combination anyway so to say it can't be obtained a wrong or neuter combination.


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