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Bangle sends her husband Angle to market to fetch groceries on the eve of Valentine Day. Angle takes some money and a big basket (finite though ) with him . Now, he wants to give her some present . After buying the necessary items, he has exactly $ 100 .00 left with him . Further , he has space for exactly 100 items in his basket and no more . To add to his miseries, when he goes to the store there are exactly 3 items available viz.

  • Necklace $ 10 .00 each

  • Flowers $ 3.00 each
  • Chocolates $ 0.5 each
    The money spent in buying necklace , flowers and chocolates be n , f ,c respectively .
    Enter your answer as \((n-c)/f\).

Details and Assumptions:

  • There is no extra money , no other storing container .
  • Angle has a mathematician ' s temperament .
  • There is no other store .
  • Like and follow .

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