The squirrel and the switch

Logic Level 3

A hyperactive squirrel has drunken far too much coffee and sits now in front of a switch for a light bulb and is tasked to the press the button several times over a duration of 2 minutes.

After 1 minute he presses the switch and the light bulb goes on.

Then it wait for 30 secs and presses the switch again, so the light goes out.

After another 15 secs the switch is pressed again and this scheme continues until the 2 minutes have passed.

The question now arises: After 2 minutes, is the light bulb on, out, on and out at the same time or is it neither of these choices?

Details and Assumptions:

  • Physics shall be ignored for this question as there would arise far too many problems (especially with relativity!), if the squirrel started to press the switch with a speed >c > c .

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