The three doors

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The Manager to the exclusive program "Fly or Die!", looked for their lead actor, Lipstick Lil. There are 3 doors of which she might be in. However, in front of each door is a security guard who won't let him in.

"Where's lipstick Lil?" the manager asked.

"Room 1 or 3," said the first guard.

The manager went to room 2, "I'm looking for Lipstick Lil,"

"Room 2 or 3," said the guard at room 2.

The guard at room 3 gave a more helpful response. "She's in room 1 or 2," he said, "But exactly 2 of us guards are habitual liars."

If a habitual liar always lies, then in what room was Lipstick Lil in?


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