The Three Scholars and kidnapped friend

Logic Level 3

Your best friend is kidnapped and you want to know where he is and save him, the only way to learn where he is is the famous three scholars when you go to them,

The First Scholar(Ben) said: Your friend is going to the cave in the Neverest Waterfall.

The Second Scholar(Adam) said: He is going to Konstantinopolis.

The Third Scholar(Fred) said: He is going to be sold as a slave tomorrow in the center of the city.

The Guard says that every time a different one tells the truth. So you know that;

Every time a different one tells the truth and other two lies.

Then you ask again "Who told the truth?"

Ben: Fred lied.

Adam: Ben didn't tell the truth.

Fred: Adam didn't lie.

Who said the truth first time you asked the question?


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