The Value Mystery

Algebra Level 2

Use the context to solve the mystery.


\(x\) is smaller than \(y\)

\(y\) is bigger than \(z\)

\(z\) is a value without decimals, and is bigger than \(a\)

\(a\) is smaller than \(z\) and \(y\), but is bigger than \(80\)% less than the sum of the half of \(b\) and twice of \(z\)

\(b\) is \(25\)

\(z\) is \(56\)% of b

\(y\) is \(90\)% more than z

\(x\) is \(3\)% less than y

If the sum of \(x\), \(y\), \(z\), \(b\), and \(a\) is \(101.75\), then what is the value of \(a\) and what is the correct order of variables from highest to lowest?

Note: Only round off to 2 decimal places.


A.) \(10, x-b-y-z-a\)

B.) \(26.6, y-x-b-z-a\)

C.) \(25.8, a-z-x-b-y\)

D.) \(10.35, y-x-b-z-a\)

E.) \(10.45, y-b-x-a-z\)


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