The weight of brilliance

Electricity and Magnetism Level 3

My Fermi estimate for the amount of data comprising is 215 GB. Suppose that all of this data is stored on SSD flash drives, which currently require about \(10^4\) electrons per 1 bit, and that this data is information rich (Hint: a hard drive of all 1s or all 0s contains zero information). Under these assumptions, what is the mass (in kilograms) of the data that makes up


  • \(\text{Vol(DB)} = 15 \text{ GB content} + 200 \text{ GB activity} = 215 \text{ GB data}\)
  • \(8\text{ bits} = 1\text{ byte}\)
  • \(1,073,741,824\text{ bytes} = 1\text{ gigabyte}\)

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