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While on a mission, a sniper team is covering a ground recon team. The recon team is standby by a building which is at their 6"O, clock and at the sniper team"s 11"O,clock. A hostile convoy and search team are approaching from the Northeast and are travelling to south from that position until they are on east ventage point and then turns towards recon team. The recon team orders the snipers to take out the convoy when it reaches the snipers 12"O,clock. The building is on the north-west ventage point.

  1. At which direction is the sniper team taking position?
  2. On the order, to which direction will the snipers fire in order to take the patrol and convoy down?
  3. The recon team is taking cover by the building. What is the position of the team in accordance with the buiding?

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