This is a test of Brilliant features - Report Problem, the next generation

Level 2

This is for you to test what it is like reporting a problem.

Changes made:

  1. Able to report a problem without forfeiting the ability to answer the problem. You will still have to forfeit your tries in order to view replies / other reports.

  2. "View Reports" button is available on the solution interface too. In the past, we only had it on the main problem interface, and so some people were unable to get to it.

  3. Those who still have tries left are prevented from accessing the report forum unless they make a report.

  4. Updated the phrasing from "Disputes" to "Reports", which is friendlier.

  5. Updated the phrasing on the Report Forum from "Valid Report" to "Pending Report", since not all unresolved reports are valid. Instead, they are pending review (by the problem creator, or a moderator).

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