To discover warm water

Chemistry Level pending

You have a plastic cup that is filled with 100 \(\mbox{g}\) of water at 99 \(\mbox{deg C}\). A pot of water is brought to boil (with \(V_{\mbox{pot}} \gg V_{\mbox{cup}}\)) after which the cup is suspended in the boiling water. About how long does it take for the water inside the cup to begin to boil?


  • the cup does not touch the pot itself.
  • the rim of the cup does not go under the surface of the water.
  • the water in the plastic cup is below the water level in the pot.
  • the specific heat of water is 4.186 \(\mbox{J} \mbox{ g}^{-1}\mbox{ deg C}^{-1}\).
  • the cup has thermal conductivity \(\gamma_H = 0.23 \mbox{ W m}^{-1}\mbox{deg K}^{-1}\).

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