Trading Shock

Algebra Level pending

A trader bought a cargo that costed him 1000$ the transportation costed him 100$.

While the transportation of the cargo, an accident happened. The trader found out that half of the cargo was damaged. His first plan was that he will sell the full cargo by an added 400$ without the transportation money which will add up to 1400$.

His second plan that was occurred after the accident was that he will have a cargo that will cost the half of 1000$ which is 500$ so it will be sold by what quantity of Dollars and if this helped him or damaged him??

Before he sells the cargo he travels to another country and will cost him 30$to transport this time.

The question is:

What was the benefit of the accident and the winnings money he'll gain?

Support and suggestions:

When he knew that an accident happened he raised the selling (Money Quantity) to 1000$


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