Transportation problem

Algebra Level pending

The distance between two cities \( A \) and \(B\) is \(60\) km. Cartoon characters Bugs Bunny and pink Panther want to move from \(A\) to \(B\) by using an automatic car. The car can be programmed to move back and forth between any two points for any number of trips on the line joining the two cities. Find the minimum time \( t \) in minutes to transport them from \( A\) to \(B\), given the following:-

The car carries only one character at a time,

  • Bugs Bunny and Pink Panther must arrive at the same time to city \( B \),
  • Speed of the car = 60 km/h,
  • Speed of either bunny or panther is 10 m/h.

Compute the minimum time rounded to 3 decimal places.

(Bonus: Can you generalized this problem to move \(n \) characters from \(A\) to \(B\) under the same conditions.)


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