Trial in Wonderland III

Logic Level 3

The Dodo, the Gryphon, and the Mock Turtle were on trial for theft. Exactly one of the three was guilty. Each was allowed to make an accusation (they could accuse themselves).

  • The Dodo said, "The Mock Turtle is Guilty!"
  • The Gryphon said, "The Dodo is Guilty!"
  • The Mock Turtle's statement was kept private.

In addition:

  • The Queen of Hearts was told who the Mock Turtle accused and how many of the three statements were true.
  • Alice was told how many of the three statements were true.

User her powers of deduction, the Queen of Hearts announced, "I know who is guilty!"

Alice replied, "I also know who is guilty!"

It is well-known that both the Alice and the Queen are very logical. Which defendant is guilty?

This problem is an easier version of this problem and this problem.

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