Geometry Level 5

Let the area of a triangle ABC be \(\bigtriangleup\) . Points \(A_{1} , B_{1}\) and \(C_{1}\) are the mid points of the sides BC , CA and AB respectively .

Point \(A_{2}\) is the mid point of \(CA_{1}.\) Lines \(C_{1}A_{1}\) and \(AA_{2}\) meet the median \(BB_{1}\) at points E and D respectively.

If \(\bigtriangleup_{1}\) be the area of the quadrilateral \(A_{1}A_{2}DE\), then

\(\frac{\bigtriangleup_{1}}{\bigtriangleup} = \frac{a}{b}\)

\(\mathbb{ a+ b= ?}\)

\( a, b \to N\)


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