Triangulate Nate

Geometry Level 4

Nate lives in a city of an infinite grid.
You must find out where he has hid.

He's a stone cold killer, eyes dead like rocks.
Intel suggests he is within \(2\) blocks
of \(-2X\), \(1X\), and \(0Y\) street.
Cops will be looking when they're out on the beat.

Nate's causing hysteria.
What is the search area?

Details and assumptions:

  • See the map for details on how the streets are labeled.
  • There is \(1\) block between each street intersection.
  • Enter your answer in \(blocks^{2}\).
  • The width of a street is infinitesimal.
  • Enter \(-1\) if the search area is infinite.
I modified this map of Atlanta, Georgia by panoramic map artist Albert Ruger.

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