Triple Fun with Triple point!

Chemistry Level 3

How many of the following statements are correct ?

  • At Triple point all three phases of substance (i.e. solid , liquid and gas ) exist together.

  • Triple point of water is \(0.01^\circ C\) exact.

  • At Triple point of water, The total pressure of the container should be 611.657 Pa (approx).

  • Triple point corresponds to the minimum temperature at which the liquid water can exist.

  • Triple point corresponds to the maximum pressure at which liquid water can exist.

  • Below Triple point pressure if solid is heated at constant pressure then solid ice first transforms to vapour then to liquid water.

  • It is possible to have phase transition like Solid ice to water vapour to liquid water at required conditions.

  • Triple point is same as Critical point.

This is a part of my well-known set Aniket's Chemistry Challenges.

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