Trolling with Sarcasm!

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This is a story from the future. There is a state named United States of Trolls ( U.S.T). In the capital city of U.S.T. which is Trollington A.C. , the following incident took place in a school named Trolling Government High School And Jr. College.

The Class of Trolling started in 10th grade. Professor Mr. Troll came inside the class and saw that everyone was silent except Tony, who had a brother 16 years old who was mentally disabled by 50%.

Seeing Tony not keeping the class silent, Professor Troll asked him a very tough question as follows: " If I threw a ball in a projectile motion with speed \( 50 ms^{-1} \) making an angle \( \phi = \dfrac{\pi}{23} rad \). The ball collides with a car due to which the prices of iphone rises and water level of sea decrease. Then what is my age in months?"

Tony immediately replies to his question, and fortunately he is right! What is the answer to professor Troll's question?

\( \text{ This is an entry in the troll king contest} \)

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