two numbers one is divisble by the other

Number Theory Level pending
  • three mathematicians decided to take a challenge , finding a number from the least informations received , the arbitrator gave them , the difference to the first , the sum for the second , and the quotient to the third secretly from any other.

  • all they know is , one number is divisible by the other , and they are between 2 and 100 .

this conversation took place:

first one: i dont know the numbers

second one: i know that you dont

first: you are not ought to say that , i know that you know that i couldnt knew , but in other hand i am not sure whether you dont know that i know that you dont.

third mathematician: i knew these umbers once they told me the quotient before you even start conversation
  • Question:

What are these numbers from list of choices ( explanation or script is necessary ).


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