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Uniform convergent sequences of functions?

Which of the following sequences of functions {fn}n=1\{f_n\}_{n=1}^{\infty} is/are uniformly convergent on its/their domain?

(A): fn(x)=cosn(x)f_n(x) = \cos^{n}(x) on [π2,π2]\left[-\dfrac \pi2, \dfrac \pi2\right].

(B): fn(x)=xnf_n(x) = \dfrac{x}{n} on R\mathbb{R}.

(C): fn(x)=sin(nx)nf_n(x) = \dfrac{\sin(nx)}{n} on R\mathbb{R}.

Notation: R\mathbb R denotes the set of real numbers.


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