Unusual Bar

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Brian and Michael are chilling in a bar. Brian and Michael don't care about power. However, all those to the left of Brian crave power, and the more they get, the greater they become. All those to the right of Michael crave power too, but half the time they do opposite of what they intended to do. All those between Brian and Michael dislike power; they begin to feel insignificant in its presence, and may even disappear under overwhelming pressure.

Also, Brian is a great acrobat. For this reason, everyone between Brian and Michael do all they can to prevent Brian from jumping over Michael.

It was late, and everyone left but Brian and Michael. Philic just walked into the bar. Philic is very positive and is known for bringing about union amongst all things. Along with him walked in John, who believes in order and equality. Philic came between Brian and Michael, and John stood by the side. Then, all of a sudden, one of their twins walked in.

Who is the twin?


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