Brilliant Streaks

Logic Level 2

Vighnesh loves solving problems on Brilliant. When I started a one day streak, he had reached a 15 day streak.
When I reached a 5 day streak , he was reached a 19 day streak. But, being a busy man, He couldn't solve problems on Brilliant for some days.

The main assumption should be that being busy he was not solving problems between those days that I'vent checked.

After some days when I checked my stats, I saw that had reached a 19 day streak And he re-established his streak to two days. For how many days was he not able to solve problems?

Find the maximum number of days that he was not able to solve problems.

Note: I Didn't Had Any Break In My Streak.

Details and Assumptions:

Brilliant streaks are defined as the number of days when a user solves at least one problem on a particular day continuously. Thus a 5 day streak means that a user solved problems for 5 days continuously.


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