Weird fathers

Logic Level 4

One day, five eccentric fathers who are close friends--Adam, Barry, Garry, Harry, and Terry--accidentally bump into one another in a restaurant. They each announce to the rest that they are proud of raising a son. However, when they are asked to give out the name of their son, all of them refuse.

The only two pieces of information these five fathers have are as follows:

  • They all know that no father has the same first initial as his son.
  • Based on some cryptic conversations they had earlier, they know the names of the five sons are Aaron, Bob, Garrett, Hunter, and Thomas.

Then the following conversation takes place:

Barry: "Alright, we all probably figured this out already, but none of us can determine everyone's son's name. So let me give you guys another information: my son's name is not Hunter."

Harry: "Well, that's not helpful at all, because everyone knows my son's name can't be Hunter. Let me give you guys this tip: my son's name is not Aaron."

Adam: "This is ridiculous. At this point, we still don't know exactly who is whose son. So let me tell you guys this directly: my son's name is Bob."

Then unbeknownst to us, someone interjects, "Finally, I know the son's name of everybody."

If everyone is perfectly logical and speaks the truth, other than Adam's son's name, whose son's name are we able to figure out?


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