What a Compound! 3

Chemistry Level 4

Which of these are correct for BX3NX3HX6\ce {B3N3H6} ?

  1. It is called inorganic benzene.

  2. Its name is Nitroborane.

  3. It has total 3 - lone pairs of electrons.

  4. Boron has an incomplete octet.

  5. All the atoms are spsp - hybridised.

  6. It is unstable.

  7. It has one N--N bond.

  8. It is isostructural with benzene.

  9. It is not isoelectronic with benzene.

  10. It is formed on heating diammoniate of diborane at 100 degree celcius.

Enter your answer as the product of the respective option numbers of correct response.

Clarification: If you think statements 2,3 and 5 are true, enter your answer as 2×3×5=30.2 \times 3 \times 5 = 30.

This is a part of my set Aniket's Chemistry Challenges. (BEST OF JEE - ADVANCED)

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