What a Compound! (Comes Back!)

Chemistry Level 5

Which of the following statements related to \( \text {Cyclohexane}\) are correct ?

1 - \(Half\) \(Chair\) conformer of cyclohexane is most stable.

2 - \(Boat\) \(form\) conformer of cyclohexane has angle strain .

3 - \(Half\) \(Chair\) conformer of cyclohexane is free from angle strain.

4 - Cyclohexane has the lowest heat of combustion compared to other cycloalkanes ( eg: cyclopropane, cyclobutane etc.).

5 - The stable form of cis-1,2-dimethylcyclohexane(Chair form) is (1e, 2e ). \( [e-equatorial\) , \(a-axial position]\).

6 - The stable form of \(cis-2-methylcyclohexanol\)(Chair form) is [1a (Me) , 2e (OH)].

7 - The stable form of \(cyclohexane-1,4-diol\) is boat form.

10 - \(1,4-dimethylcyclohexane\) is optically active.

Enter your answer as the product of the respective option numbers of correct response.

\(\text {Clarification}\) : If you think statements 2,3 and 5 are true, enter your answer as \(2 \times 3 \times 5 = 30.\)

This is a part of my set Aniket's Chemistry Challenges. (BEST OF JEE - ADVANCED)

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