What d'ya do?

Logic Level 3

There are three friends, each with a name drawn from a profession.
- Mr.Carpenter
- Mr.Mason
- Mr.Painter
To find out who does what, questions were posed to their neighbors. This is what we got:
Mr.Carpenter is not a painter
Mr.Mason is not a carpenter
Mr.Carpenter is a carpenter
Mr.Mason is not a painter.

As later transpired, only one statement was true.
Based on these clues, who is what?
To answer, click on A,B,C, or D.
The reference table for A,B,C,D is given below

Mr.Mason : Carpenter
Mr.Carpenter : Painter
Mr.Painter : Mason

Mr.Mason : Painter
Mr.Carpenter : Carpenter
Mr.Painter : Mason

Mr.Mason : Mason
Mr.Carpenter : Carpenter
Mr.Painter :Painter

Mr.Mason : Painter
Mr.Carpenter : Mason
Mr.Painter :Carpenter


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