What Happens to Red Riding Hood?

Algebra Level 1

Little Red Riding Hood ("Red") and the big bad wolf are both heading to grandmother's house. The wolf wants to arrive early enough to eat both grandmother and then disguise himself. If Red arrives while he's eating grandmother, she will kill the wolf and save them both. If she arrives while he is putting on his disguise, she will realize what happens and only she will escape. If she arrives after the wolf is disguised, however, he will get to eat them both.

Here's what we know:

  • The wolf runs at 12 km / hour.
  • Red walks at 4 km / hour.
  • They are both 6 km from the house.
  • It will take the wolf 45 minutes to eat grandmother.
  • It will take the wolf 30 minutes to put on a disguise.

Given the above information, what will happen?

Image Credit: twitrcovers.com

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