What will happen to the cuckoo hash table?

Computer Science Level pending

The following image shows an empty cuckoo hash table. There are 6 buckets and 2 hash functions. The hash functions are shown. The following 5 numbers are inserted into the hash table.

[3, 7, 14, 15, 19]

The hash functions are applied in order (hash1, hash2). If hash1 hashes the input to an empty bucket, it stays there. If it is full, hash2 will try the second bucket. If that is full, the number in bucket 2 is kicked out and the process is restarted. What will be the result of the hash table at the end of inserting these numbers?

Cukoo filter

Cukoo filter

Fill your answer in as a list of numbers. Leave a list slot empty if the corresponding bucket in the cuckoo table stays empty.


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