Where Should The Earth Go?

The Earth and the Sun want to play seesaw.They decided to make mercury as the pivot point (fulcrum). The earth wanted to come on the same level as the sun so it went somewhere in the universe to sit at such a position such that he could balance the sun and come in the same level.

How far did the Earth go from its original position ?

If your answer is \(x\cdot 10^{12} \) km, submit \(x\) as your answer.[after rounding the answer to tenth ( 1/10 ) digit ]. Take :-------- Mass of Sun = 2 * 10^30 Kg
Mass of the Earth = 6* 10^24 Kg
Dist. between Sun and Mercury =58,000,000 Km
Dist. between Mercury and earth = 92,000,000 Kms

Assume that gravity works in the space just like it does on earth.


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