Where do we have to install the Pump?

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Salamieh is a city in the middle of Syria.Taldarah is village near of Salamieh.Salamieh suffer of a major problem which is the water considering its height.Orontos River pass near of Salamieh and Taldarah though many Syrian cities .There is a committee want to solve the problem of water by installing a pump in Orontos.Let's consider the map of Salamieh as a coordinate plan and Orontos is the x-axis.Help the committee to decide where to install the pump. the distance between Salamieh and Taldarah = 10 Km.
the distance between Salamieh and Orontos = 5 Km.
the distance between Taldarah and Orontos = 3Km.
Give the answer as the distance between the origin and the Pump as the ceiling of the real answer.



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