Whiskey on the rock

It is a well known fact that melting of an ice cube floating on pure water does not change the water level. Then what will happen if an ice cube floats on a liquid that is not pure water? Consider the following situation:

Johnny ordered a whiskey-on-the-rock. A large ice ball is freely floating on his whiskey. Determine what happens to the surface level of his whiskey when the ice ball melts completely.

Details and Assumptions

  • There is enough whiskey for the ice to float freely (unlike the image).
  • The density of pure water (as a liquid) is 1.00 g/ml.
  • The density of the ice ball is 0.90 g/ml.
  • The density of Johnny's whiskey is 0.95 g/ml.
  • Johnny does not drink his whiskey before the ice ball completely melts.
  • Ignore any evaporation.

P.S. There is more beyond the calculation, but the answer is indisputable!


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