Who killed 'em? 2

Logic Level pending

Characters : Tim, Jahu, Palm, Neis

They all study in same school. Unfortunately, Neis was killed in his school's Chemistry lab. Raising a police affair, the police started investigating.

They found that Palm, Tim, and Neis were in the lab before he was dead. Palm went out of that lab for some (school) reason. Tim said that, Neis was playing with some Acid that reacts with bones. They also had some Bones, near to test it.

Jahu was then accompanying Neis, after the Acid was developed to experiment it.

It was found that,

  • Jahu was enemy of Neis' brother.
  • Neis and Tim were Friends.
  • Palm is Neis' guidance.
  • Neis is a enthusiased boy, very eager to know stuff.
  • Jahu had an empty injection.

So, who killed Neis ?


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