Who stole my walnuts?

Logic Level 3

Once upon a time, there were 55 squirrels, named A,B,C,D,EA, B, C, D, E, living together in the tree hole. One day, after a long search, the squirrel family collected a total of 1010 walnuts. The big squirrel AA declared to divide 1010 walnuts equally among the five before going to the kitchen to get the honey.

When squirrel AA came back, however, he found out that all the walnuts were gone and soon realized that the other four were chewing the food rapidly. The big squirrel AA became so angry that he interrogated each squirrel to seek for the truth.

Squirrel B: Squirrel DD ate twice as much as me!

Squirrel C: Unlike others, only I ate 2 walnuts as you told.

Squirrel D: Squirrel CC ate more than squirrel BB.

Squirrel E: I ate the least. The others all ate more than me.

Fortunately, squirrel AA had a lie-detector and knew one of the four lied.

Which squirrel was a liar? How many walnuts did each squirrel eat? (Plug in the answers as the name of the liar first (use 1, 2, 3, 4 for B,C,D,EB, C, D, E respectively) then followed by the amounts of B,C,D,EB, C, D, E shares respectively. For example, if your answer is BB is the liar and the walnuts for B=1,C=2,D=3,E=4B=1, C=2, D=3, E=4, the input will be 1123411234.)


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