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Logic Level 4

Jessica and Christina are twin sisters. They both have a same disease. Jessica is the wife of Albert Clancy, but the life of Jessica is in danger for her disease. Albert was worried about her. He believes if he kills Christina then he can save Jessica's life. But Richard Osmond, he wants to save his girlfriend Christina from Albert. Christina is at the tower of grief. Richard reached there, but he is unable to open the door. He has an ancient code document and got some clues, which could help him to open the door.

Ancient code document:

This document contains all of the information regarding the ancient script uncovered near the Clancy residence. The major characteristics of the language used have been deciphered, but this document is by no means complete. It can, however, be used for an on-the-spot translations. Because of the sensitive nature of this information, this document should not be removed from the head facility without my express permission. The head of the R&C research facility


Puzzling words are engraved here in an ancient script:

This tower rises above all; it looms above even the bitter orange sunshine and the lightpost gleaming like gold.The emerald wind blows across a lost sea-colored heart and encloses it behind the blue walls.In the end, it desires only the violet twilight.

There are 8 circles with colors near the door. These are: green,violet, orange,sky color, red, white, yellow and blue. Richard need to touch 6 colors correctly(see clues) to open the door. What are these colors respectively?


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