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Willy Walks to School (Part III)

Mr. Siddique has left Takoma Park to go to Bangladesh, and because of that, Willy has transferred to Robert Frost, which lies at (5,5) (5,5) . Willy still lives at the origin.

Willy again wishes to walk to school. However, Arman owns a square plot of land with vertices at M=(2,2),E=(2,3),A=(3,3),N=(3,2) M=(2,2), E=(2,3), A=(3,3), N=(3,2) , and he commands Willy to never ever walk along the boundary of his land: that is, Willy cannot touch any four vertices of Arman's land or walk along any side of his square plot of land.

Now, how many ways can Willy walk to school? (Willy can only walk up and right.)

(See here for details.)


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