Winning a bet

Probability Level 1

Trevor and I were playing golf.

As we all know, Trevor is a pro golfer and I don't know squat about golf (except the fact that we are supposed to hit golf balls with a club).

Now, he made a bet with me. He said, "We will play NN matches where you're gonna choose the value of NN. If you win at least one match, I'll pay you $100\$100 since I'm super rich and if you don't, you'll pay me $1\$1"

Now, I opened my wallet and I saw that it was emptier than a banker's heart. Amongst the cobwebs and flies in it, luckily, there was a $1\$1 bill. Naturally, I accepted the bet since I'm almost broke and need cash.

Generally, if I were to play a match against him, I would have a probability of 00 of winning. But since here's money involved, the probability of me winning a single match against him is boosted to 13\dfrac{1}{3}.

I want to have at least a 90%90\% chance of winning the bet. What is the minimum value of NN that I should choose?


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