You have to chase the Rupee!

Suppose you and me went to buy a gift for our friend's birthday. The shop's owner was not present at that time but there was one of his servants. We bought an article worth \(Rs.50\). We both paid \(Rs.25\) each.

After sometime, the shop's owner came and told the servant that it was actually a\( Rs.45\) article. He ordered the servant to return \(Rs.5\) to us. On his way us he took \(Rs.1\) and returned \(Rs.4\) to us. We both shared it as \(Rs.2\) each.

Now amount paid by each of us\( = 25-2 = 23\)

And total amount paid by us\( = 23+23= 46\)

If we add the money taken by the servant and which he returned us,

Then, total money \(= 46+1+4 = \boxed{51}\)

But wait a minute, from where had an extra \(1 Rupee\) came ?


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